Legislative and Regulatory Issues

Dunn Consulting introduces, tracks and works to amend legislation and regulatory issues throughout the legislative and regulatory process to ensure our clients goals.

Direct Lobbying, Coalitions and Outreach

Dunn Consulting specializes in direct lobbying services and successfully builds lobbying coalitions and grassroots efforts to support clients interests.

Budget Advocacy

Dunn Consulting follows the state budget throughout the legislative process and has successfully worked to secure funding for programs and advises clients on the impact of funding issues.

Political Strategy

Dunn Consulting assists clients implement their political strategies with an indepth knowledge of candidates, caucuses and elections.

Project Funding Support

Dunn Consulting works to secure ongoing funding or new funding sources through the legislative budget process for projects and programs at the state and federal level.

Project Development

Dunn Consulting works with the decision-makers throughout the project development process to secure entitlements, build coalitions and generate community support for various projects.
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